Monday Morning Mojo

For the past 12 years I have been writing a bi-monthly blog to share with my staff updates, employee stories, new developments in our company, trends in our industry and more. The blog was titled, The Monday Morning Mail, and the greatest response I received was when I wrote about inspirational people and stories worthy of a wider audience.

In a climate where news is often depressing, I have found comfort in people I have met and/or have heard about that represent the world I want to live in. I am not avoiding the bad news, I just want to balance it with my daily dose of dopamine from positive news. That’s what I hope to deliver in the Monday Morning Mojo. I have loved sharing views and discussing content of this nature, and I hope to use this platform to do just that. Tune in and please share with me your inspirational stories too. The guest authors I have had have been very well received. I believe there are a plethora of stories that can be shared to provide balance to the world developments we have experienced of late. Enjoy.

Surviving Quarantine

Today’s Monday Morning Mojo is coming to you from Shanghai, China after spending two full weeks in strict quarantine. I am writing from a more


Inspiration Amid Distress

While I have tried to make the Monday Morning Mojo apolitical, it is difficult to write about any subject this week without referencing what is


A Life Well Lived

For this week’s Monday Morning Mojo I am sharing a eulogy I gave at the funeral of my former elementary school teacher, drivers ed instructor,




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