Alliterative Inspiration

For today’s Monday Morning Mojo, I am sharing a few fun fortunate (and inspiring) experiences I had over the past week for your bi-weekly reading pleasure.  Forgive me for the self-indulgence here. These experiences all began with the letter “F”, so here you go.  Have a F#*@ing great week ahead. Family One of my greatest […]

Random, Timely Inspiration

As we celebrated Halloween in the United States last week, for today’s Monday Morning Mojo I want to share a few light-hearted jokes I came across that gave me a chuckle amid the worrying news in this world.  For attribution, these are from a community of Steven Wright fans I follow. . Sharing here a […]


The Monday Morning Mojo is intended to give an audience to inspiring stories that may not reach a broader public, and to celebrate those stories amidst the daily drumbeat of worrying news.  These last two weeks it has been difficult to find a silver lining to what is happening in the Middle East and Ukraine. […]

Inspired by Self-Efficacy

The intent behind the Monday Morning Mojo is to share inspiring, apolitical stories that rarely get covered amidst much of the worrying news dominating the airwaves. It is also a continuation of a weekly forum, the Monday Morning Mail, I shared with my staff in my previous capacity. I can’t send this week’s Monday Morning […]

A Collection of Inspiration

For today’s Monday Morning Mojo, I want to share several things I witnessed the last two weeks, events I participated in, and a few people who have inspired me. The Dage (Big Brother) of China Hands To begin, I want to give a shout out to Jim McGregor, a friend from China who celebrated his […]

Inspired by Comedy…and Tennis!

Among my many passions, an affection for comedy ranks at the top of my list. I like all types of comedy and have even studied how such brilliant comedians practice their craft. Making others laugh is a great skill, and it is therapeutic as well. Everyone knows health studies show laughing is a great remedy […]

Inspired By Others

For today’s Monday Morning Mail, I am departing from writing about who and what inspires me this week, to share people who inspire many others who are close to me. Artistic Inspiration  I asked my wife Lisa who inspires her and Charlie Chaplin made it to the top of her list. She commented, “I have […]

Taking A Moment…

Amidst the 24-hour news cycle pre-occupied with the indictments of the former President of the United States and the son of the current President, I figured I would take a moment to celebrate some of the more positive things I have witnessed over the past two weeks. The Women’s World Cup The first is a […]

The Beautiful Game

Today’s Monday Morning Mojo is a tribute to all the women soccer players out there, the fans, spectators and anyone who enjoys big sporting moments. In Celebration of the Women’s World Cup For the past week I have been enjoying the Women’s World Cup being played in Australia and New Zealand, have loved how well […]

In Celebration of Great Bosses

Today’s Monday Morning Mojo is a tribute to a man who has been very influential in my life. His name is TB Song, he was my boss for more than 30 years, and he retired earlier this month as Chairman of Ogilvy Greater China. TB was one of the people who brought me to Taiwan […]