Year of the Dragon

Saturday, February 10, marked the beginning of the Year of the Dragon, according to the Lunar New Year calendar. Like Western astrology, many people in China feel specific years, months, days and hours are lucky and can have a positive or negative impact on your health. The Year of the Wood Dragon This is the […]

Advice for Life and Work

For this week’s Monday Morning Mojo, I figured I would combine a bit of life and work advice that has made its way into my consciousness these past two weeks.  The advice has come in memorable three-word action statements I can’t seem to get out of my mind. Aviate, Navigate, Communicate The first comes from […]

Respect and Reflection

Nearly three years ago I started writing the Monday Morning Mojo. I did so at the request of some of my staff in Asia, who I wrote to every other Monday in a letter titled, The Monday Morning Mail, largely about the business of public relations, life, random thoughts and more. In 2021 I renamed […]


The wonderful thing about New Year’s Day is it is the day every year that marks a new beginning.  Many of us make New Year’s resolutions to accomplish things we hope to achieve in the coming year. Others use this moment to reflect on the year past and make predictions for the year ahead.  And […]

Inspired by Empathy

For today’s Monday Morning Mojo, I am writing about the topic of empathy at the recommendation of my childhood friend and classmate, Dr. Fawn Coffey Ukpolo. Human Kindness To start off, given this will be the last post of 2023 and we are discussing empathy, let’s get into the mood with a rendition of the […]

Leadership & Hope

Today’s Monday Morning Mojo features the comings and goings of great, inspiring leaders, and a glimmer of hope. Living Legends Last Sunday, I had the delight to dine with my boss of nearly a decade, Marcia Silverman, the omnipresent CEO of Ogilvy Public Relations during our heyday as a global firm. Marcia’s secret power as […]

Alliterative Inspiration

For today’s Monday Morning Mojo, I am sharing a few fun fortunate (and inspiring) experiences I had over the past week for your bi-weekly reading pleasure.  Forgive me for the self-indulgence here. These experiences all began with the letter “F”, so here you go.  Have a F#*@ing great week ahead. Family One of my greatest […]

Random, Timely Inspiration

As we celebrated Halloween in the United States last week, for today’s Monday Morning Mojo I want to share a few light-hearted jokes I came across that gave me a chuckle amid the worrying news in this world.  For attribution, these are from a community of Steven Wright fans I follow. . Sharing here a […]


The Monday Morning Mojo is intended to give an audience to inspiring stories that may not reach a broader public, and to celebrate those stories amidst the daily drumbeat of worrying news.  These last two weeks it has been difficult to find a silver lining to what is happening in the Middle East and Ukraine. […]

Inspired by Self-Efficacy

The intent behind the Monday Morning Mojo is to share inspiring, apolitical stories that rarely get covered amidst much of the worrying news dominating the airwaves. It is also a continuation of a weekly forum, the Monday Morning Mail, I shared with my staff in my previous capacity. I can’t send this week’s Monday Morning […]