Best Friends Forever (BFFs)

I have been wanting to write about pets and the role they play in serving as human’s best friend. There is just so much to be written about this topic, and I am clearly not the expert. In full disclosure, I did not grow up a dog person. If I remember correctly, we had a […]

Inspired and Informed by Iconic Images

Today’s Monday Morning Mojo is dedicated to the intersection of two concepts that make their way into our consciousness without many people noticing them. The first is the power of images, and the second is a behavioral science concept called the identifiable victim effect. My inspiration for this comes from the below image I noticed […]

Inspiration From Near & Far

For today’s Monday Morning Mojo, I am sharing a few moments of inspiration I witnessed or observed these past two weeks. To begin with, I want to share this news report from McComb, Michigan, my home state.  Amidst a lot of challenging national news recently involving the police, this report brought a smile to my […]

“All Things Good”

Around five years ago I met a person who has been an inspiration for me ever since moving back to the United States. The person’s name is Matt Liston, and he is a filmmaker and a sports activist. His mission is to tell inspirational stories that combine positivity and sports and feature someone overcoming adversity. […]

“Remember Where You Come From”

Last week I was reminded of the quote, “If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going,” attributed to the world famous author, Maya Angelou. Thirty-eight years ago I graduated from Syracuse University, and one of my classmates and fellow Orangeman was the well-known ESPN sportscaster, Sean McDonough. At Syracuse […]

New Year’s Fun & Inspiration

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year on this Monday, January 2nd.  Today’s Monday Morning Mojo is all about New Year’s resolutions, but first a tribute to two icons who passed away last week. Celebrating The Lives of Pele and Barbara Walters We begin 2023 remembering the great Brazilian soccer player, diplomat, and all-around inspiring human […]

Year-End Inspiration From Poetry

The World Cup ended yesterday in dramatic fashion with Argentina winning the championship in penalty kicks. The beautiful thing about this tournament was many underdog teams provided delightful surprises.  There were also many great stories, some of which I highlighted in the last Monday Morning Mojo. Messi’s World Cup Dream As for yesterday’s game, what […]

World Cup Mojo – “Keep The Ball Rolling”

Well friends, as of this posting, we are midway through the World Cup and what a World Cup it has been! We’ve seen some very good football (soccer) and witnessed a lot of surprises. One friend commented how closely aligned world cup performance is with national pride, and I couldn’t agree more. Just watching tears of […]

Inspiration From Bureaucracy

Nearly 25 years ago I was working on an employee event for IBM, arranging for the then CEO, Louis Gerstner, to speak at an internal conference in Beijing. He was asked a question about IBM being “big and bureaucratic” and what were his views on the topic. He responded by explaining how some bureaucracies are […]

A Smorgasbord of Fun and Inspiration

To begin this week’s Monday Morning Mojo, I would like to say a huge thanks to my good friend and fellow MMM community member, Lilian Breton.  Lilian is the wife of my college roommate Homere, and she gracefully informed me that the poem on success attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson, was first written by Bessie […]