A Touch of Class: Varying Stories of Inspiration from Around The World

First, a happy Mother’s Day this past weekend to all mothers in the Monday Morning Mojo community. “Motherhood” has been at the center of discussion these past few weeks, as we have been reminded of the importance of protecting freedom of choice and its connection to motherhood. While news of the day, week and month […]

Finding Your Career Path – With A Little Help

I have never had a career coach, yet I have many friends and colleagues who are very passionate about coaching, and I have learned a ton from them. Among the coaches I am closest to include Joe Yu, who runs the Ogilvy Public Relations business in China, and Daniel Chng, who is a Global Chief […]

Cleaning Up Our World, One Action At A Time

A little more than three years ago I attended a New York Times conference in New Orleans focused on “Cities of Tomorrow”. One of the sessions I remember most was a discussion on climate change and its effect on our cities. One panelist mentioned by 2050 a major portion of cities like Miami, Florida, and […]

Entertainment Recommendations for Binging Through the Pandemic

One result of this crazy pandemic has been a proliferation of entertainment channels, programming and content, and as a result many of us are spending much more time than usual in front of the television. On this day following the Oscars, I thought I would do something like what I shared with the book recommendations, […]

A Movement of Humanity

While I have intended to make the Monday Morning Mojo apolitical, I have also worked to give light to inspirational stories I felt were worthy of a larger audience. Well, in just two weeks since my last post, the world has been turned upside down. No matter what platform you get your news from, witnessing […]

Family and Priorities

Well, amid the crazy news we experienced this past week, I have been looking for things that inspire me; stories from my memory worthy of a broader audience.  As war broke out in Ukraine, I was spending time with my family and that is always a lot of fun. Here are some pictures of me, […]

Hodgepodge of Stories that Inspire

Lots of celebrations of humanity for this week’s Monday Morning Mojo! Shout outs to my good friend Christophe Solomon from Beijing, a benevolent policeman in Skokie, Illinois, a salute to James Zwerg during this Black History Month, a treasure trove of Winter Olympic stories, and an innovative library from Denmark that deserves broader attention. Without […]

Gifts of Knowledge, Insight and Inspiration

On this Chinese New Year’s Eve, or the morning before Chinese New Year if you are in the US, I figured I would share a bit of love in this Monday Morning Mojo in the form of book recommendations that delight and inspire.  These come both from me and a few of the regular MMM […]

Critical Thinking For The New Year

For today’s Monday Morning Mojo to kick off 2022 and prepare for the Chinese Year of the Tiger, a bit more of a serious post. I believe one of the greatest threats to society today is the crisis of truth we are experiencing globally, and the proliferation of misinformation contributing to this. It’s time we […]

Pay It Forward In The New Year

Nearly nine months ago today, the Monday Morning Mojo went live. What began as a pet project at the request of a few former staff, “to continue the tradition of the Monday Morning Mail I used to pen for colleagues in Asia”, has turned into a discipline for me to look for the good out […]