Perspectives From 30 Years in The Greater China Region: ShanghaiZhan Podcast

One of my great passions in life has been learning about and experiencing new cultures. I had the great fortune of living and working in the Greater China Region for 30 years and witnessing its incredible growth and changes. I have met many fantastic people along the way, several of whom are part of this […]

Stretching Yourself Towards Success

For this week’s Monday Morning Mojo I want to touch on the subject of getting out of your comfort zone as a means to greater happiness and success. This has been top-of-mind with me this week because I have been trying to do just that. I can’t say I am any closer to success, but […]

Philosophy 101: Finding Happiness

Wishing everyone in the United States a very happy July 4th this weekend. I am writing from Mexico today where we are spending time with the Kochlowski family, who were our neighbors in Beijing. I have written here a lot about finding happiness and the importance of relationships in doing so. My post of March […]

Fatherhood Stream of Conscious

Yesterday, in the United States, we celebrated Father’s Day, a holiday honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Over the past thirty years living in Asia, I have been fortunate to celebrate Father’s Day twice a year, as Father’s Day in China is celebrated each year on August […]

Heroes Among Us

The Monday Morning Mojo was created to highlight many of the positive things happening in this world amid the craziness we see daily on television and read in the news. And, these past two weeks have been unusually troubling in the United States with the Uvalde, Texas school shooting that killed 21 people. This, in […]

“The Best Way To Predict Your Future Is To Create It”

Throughout my career there is one piece of advice given to me I have shared with almost everyone I have worked with: “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” This quote was first introduced to me by a former boss, who attributed it to Warren Buffet. However, if you go online […]

A Touch of Class: Varying Stories of Inspiration from Around The World

First, a happy Mother’s Day this past weekend to all mothers in the Monday Morning Mojo community. “Motherhood” has been at the center of discussion these past few weeks, as we have been reminded of the importance of protecting freedom of choice and its connection to motherhood. While news of the day, week and month […]

Finding Your Career Path – With A Little Help

I have never had a career coach, yet I have many friends and colleagues who are very passionate about coaching, and I have learned a ton from them. Among the coaches I am closest to include Joe Yu, who runs the Ogilvy Public Relations business in China, and Daniel Chng, who is a Global Chief […]

Cleaning Up Our World, One Action At A Time

A little more than three years ago I attended a New York Times conference in New Orleans focused on “Cities of Tomorrow”. One of the sessions I remember most was a discussion on climate change and its effect on our cities. One panelist mentioned by 2050 a major portion of cities like Miami, Florida, and […]

Entertainment Recommendations for Binging Through the Pandemic

One result of this crazy pandemic has been a proliferation of entertainment channels, programming and content, and as a result many of us are spending much more time than usual in front of the television. On this day following the Oscars, I thought I would do something like what I shared with the book recommendations, […]