Prom, Basketball, & The Environment– A Weekly Collection of Inspiration

Scott Kronick

Today’s Monday Morning Mojo is a collection of stories making their way into my consciousness I felt were worthy of a broader share. There is a lot of good happening out there that rarely makes its way into the news cycle.

Say “Yes” To The Prom

To begin, Warner Brothers. Discovery, Jackie’s employer, invited hundreds of teens in the neighboring Los Angeles area to come to Burbank and pick out a free outfit for their prom. The prom is a “moment of truth” for many young adults, and I loved witnessing this type of generosity by those that have the means. This program has been going on for years, connected to the show “Say Yes To The Dress,” and the host Monte Durham was the event’s spokesperson and concierge. Here’s a quick newsclip Jackie sent about the event. These are the types of corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaigns I appreciate, which are all about “doing well by doing good.” It is a very nice news story to kick off the week. Enjoy.

Basketball and The Rise of Women’s Sports

March is a wonderful month in the United States for basketball, characterized by a sudden death men’s college tournament of 64 teams vying for the college basketball national championship.  Called “March Madness”, and full of inspiring stories and upsets, this tournament never disappoints.  Below is a clip I found about some of the more inspiring stories of college players participating in March Madness this month. The beauty of this tournament is that for a month every year, several young, talented, unknown athletes have their chance at fame given the popularity of this tournament. In the below video are three such stories.

But FIRST, the most exciting news is what has happened in the Women’s college basketball world with the phenomenon of Caitlin Clark, the University of Iowa superstar.  According to the NCAA, this month Caitlin became the NCAA Division I all-time leading scorer across men’s and women’s basketball. Clark’s career points total surpassed a 54-year mark set by another revolutionary player in former LSU star “Pistol” Pete Maravich, who finished with 3,667 points.  Here she is breaking the record.  She is one of the most famous college basketball players today, a sharp shooter on the court, and she has transformed the game for all women hoopsters.


This next clip features the three inspiring stories.

Positive News for the Environment

One thing brought to my attention from my friend, Dan Krassenstein, is a small boat that sits in the ocean collecting trash, adjacent to where we ride our bikes. Apparently, these devices are being employed all over the world, and I just thought amid the sobering climate news we have, we are seeing some innovations addressing the challenges.  Here’s a story on exactly that boat that sits in Marina Del Rey, California.

Just a few tidbits of inspiration that I thought to share in today’s Mojo. Wishing you all a great week ahead.  If you are a basketball or sports fan and haven’t tuned into this tournament, now is the time.  From here on it gets very exciting and emotional.

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3 months ago

Bravo as always. Such positive news, thank you for sharing!

Joyce Beach
Joyce Beach
3 months ago

I second that bravo!
Big kudos to Warner Bros. for paying attention to the importance of prom and our up and comers. I still remember wearing my tea length red polka dot “gown” and how grown up and included I felt.
Then, reading your thoughts about March Madness and that small boat collecting trash… I thought there’s still hope in this mad, mad world.

Muffy MacKenzie
Muffy MacKenzie
3 months ago

Love this whole post Scotty! Wanted to share this link to another woman trailblazing athlete at NCAAs Gretchen Walsh! And shes only a junior. SHE IS SO FAST!

Love to hear corporations, and the people who make them hum making impactful choices. Those kids will remember it forever!

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