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The Monday Morning Mojo is intended to give an audience to inspiring stories that may not reach a broader public, and to celebrate those stories amidst the daily drumbeat of worrying news.  These last two weeks it has been difficult to find a silver lining to what is happening in the Middle East and Ukraine.

A childhood friend shared the lyrics to Sting’s song Fragile that certainly reflected how I am feeling these days.


If blood will flow when flesh and steel are one

Drying in the color of the evening sun

Tomorrow’s rain will wash the stains away

But something in our minds will always stay


Perhaps this final act was meant

To clinch a lifetime’s argument

Nothing comes from violence

And nothing ever could

For all those born beneath an angry star

Forget how fragile we are


On and on the rain will fall

Like tears from a star

Like tears from a star

On and on the rain will say

How fragile we are

How fragile we are

Here is the song sung by Sting for those unfamiliar.

Let’s just hope for peace, safety and healing for those who are the innocent victims of this tragedy.

Inspiration Amid Tragedy

I did attend a most inspirational benefit for Jesse Billauer, the Founder of Life Rolls On, the organization I wrote about earlier that helps people with disabilities surf, skate, fish and improve their lives. The event was hugely influential, inspirational and touching, and a nice distraction to the news of the day.  Thank you, Jackie Kronick, for inviting us. Here is a video about Jesse that inspired the creation of his charity.

Jackie is now in Asia visiting her brother and my son, Samuel, which also makes me very happy.

A shout out and very happy 60th birthday to my good friend, Dan Krassenstein.  Dan is an embodiment of positivity and here’s to wishing him the very best.

This issue of the Monday Morning Mojo is shorter this week as we hope for a bit more calm, tolerance and kindness in the world today.

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Dan Krassenstein
Dan Krassenstein
5 months ago


Bruce Morgan
Bruce Morgan
5 months ago

Hoping for more healing and calm as well

Joyce Beach
Joyce Beach
5 months ago

The eons have proven Sting’s lyrics correct. Nothing comes from violence, and nothing ever could… With the exception of pain, suffering.
God bless the Ukrainians and Israelis as they face day to day fragility on one hand and conviction of strength on the other. And, God bless the thousands of souls crossing our border.

5 months ago

My Compassion for all peaceful people, who have to endure this bloody conflict in Israel for years. ???? When will human reason gain the upper hand?

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