Perspectives From 30 Years in The Greater China Region: ShanghaiZhan Podcast

Scott Kronick

One of my great passions in life has been learning about and experiencing new cultures. I had the great fortune of living and working in the Greater China Region for 30 years and witnessing its incredible growth and changes. I have met many fantastic people along the way, several of whom are part of this Monday Morning Mojo community, have learned a ton and continue to do so to this day.

For today’s Monday Morning Mojo I am sharing a podcast I did with two very good friends who run the ShanghaiZhan podcast. The podcast below is all about my experience in China and the prospects for Chinese brands going global in today’s climate. There a hodgepodge of information here, some of which I hope helps shape your views on what I believe is very special about China and the US-China relationship. I frequently tell friends one of my core missions in life is the peaceful coexistence of the US and China, and I have loved being part of both countries’ success and development. Here is the podcast my friends Bryce Whitwam and Ali Kazmi invited me to be part of. Thank you Bryce and Ali and I hope this provides something new to this community.

Taking Brand China Global: Ogilvy PR’s Scott Kronick


Friends, have a great week ahead.

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